Will my sprinkler system still run if it is raining?

Water is one of our most precious resources. The costs of delivering water to your home are constantly increasing. With that being said, it would be wise to be sure that your underground lawn sprinkler system is equipped with a rain sensor and a rain sensor that it is working properly.

What is a rain sensor? How does it work?

A rain sensor is a unit that shuts off your irrigation system temporarily when it senses a certain amount of rain. Over the last few years, rain sensors improved greatly. Most of the newer models are wireless, and they are comprised of two pieces: a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is located outside where it can be seen by the sun and the rain. When it receives enough moisture, it sends a signal to the receiver, which is wired to your controller and automatically turns your system off. After it stops raining and the transmitter dries out, it will turn your system back on automatically.

In the past, most sensors were hard wired to your controller. This would limit the location that the sensor could be installed. Now that most sensors are wireless, they have a much longer range of operation. This allows the contractor to place the transmitter in the proper location to be sure that it get exposure to the rain and the sun

In the picture to the right, Scott is installing a Hunter Wireless Solar Sync Rain Sensor. This particular rain sensor was installed above the garage. As mentioned above, it is important to place the rain sensor transmitter in a location where it gets proper exposure to the rain and the sun to ensure that it works properly.

A quality rain sensor can usually be added to any system for under $200.00. As the cost of water continually rises, it won’t take long to pay off this investment and start saving on your water bill!

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