Backflow Testing Cleveland, OH

Meet city requirements and ensure a safe environment with annual backflow testing.

Backflow testing ensures the safety and purity of your water supply, which is why homeowners are required to undergo annual backflow testing in most cities in Northeast Ohio. But what exactly is backflow testing and why is it so crucial?

Backflow testing is a preventive measure aimed at safeguarding our water system from potential contamination. It involves checking the valves and devices that prevent water from flowing backward into the public water supply. This is essential because, under certain circumstances, water can reverse its flow, carrying contaminants or pollutants back into the clean water supply.

Cities in Northeast Ohio mandate yearly backflow testing to:

  1. Protect Public Health: Backflow incidents can introduce harmful substances or bacteria into the water system, posing serious health risks to communities.
  2. Comply with Regulations: These annual tests ensure compliance with state and local regulations that prioritize water safety and quality.
  3. Safeguard Water Infrastructure: By identifying and addressing potential issues early, we preserve the integrity of our water infrastructure, preventing costly and hazardous situations.
  4. Ensure Clean Drinking Water: Every resident deserves access to clean, uncontaminated water. Regular testing maintains the purity of our water supply.

Failing to comply with backflow testing regulations can result in penalties and, more importantly, compromise the health and well-being of our communities. By prioritizing this yearly service, homeowners actively contribute to a safer and healthier environment for all.

Our certified professionals specialize in comprehensive backflow testing, ensuring your compliance and peace of mind. Don't risk the safety of your loved ones or your community—schedule your backflow testing today and be part of ensuring clean, safe water for all.

Here are some questions asked by our clients

Backflow testing ensures that contaminated water doesn't flow back into the main water supply. It safeguards public health by preventing potential contamination from irrigation systems into the drinking water.
Typically, backflow testing is required annually, although this can vary based on local regulations. Some regions might mandate more frequent testing, so it's essential to check local ordinances.

Certified backflow technicians with the necessary qualifications should conduct the testing. These professionals possess the expertise and equipment required for accurate and compliant testing.

Our technicians will check the backflow prevention assembly to ensure it's functioning correctly. This involves a series of tests to confirm that water flows in the right direction and that the assembly effectively prevents backflow.
Neglecting mandated backflow testing can result in fines or penalties from local authorities. Additionally, it poses potential health risks due to contaminated water entering the public supply.
Before the scheduled test, ensure that the technician has clear access to the backflow prevention assembly. Remove any obstacles or debris that might hinder the testing process.
If the assembly fails the test, repairs or replacement might be necessary. Our technicians will provide details on the specific issues and steps required to bring the system into compliance.
Backflow testing should be conducted by certified professionals due to its technical nature. Trying to perform the test without proper training or certification might lead to inaccurate results or damage to the system.

Still have an unanswered question? Please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Based on 28 Reviews
June 13, 2024

We have been using Irrigation Inc. for a couple years now. Zak is always very helpful, professional and kind. Great company. Thank you!

T Miller
June 13, 2024

The team at Irrigation Inc are always responsive when a question arises. They installed our irrigation system eight years ago and we have not experienced a single issue with the system since. In the spring they turn the system on and perform the city required back flow testing and they prepare the system shut down in the fall.

Matthew Lowe
June 12, 2024

Zak was absolutely incredible! From the moment he arrived he made things easy and explained everything in terms that anyone could understand. His approach to fix outstanding issues in the most cost effective way was much appreciated. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve established this relationship for our sprinkler needs and couldn’t thank Zak enough for his support.

Stephany Dill
May 30, 2024

Irrigation Inc recently installed a sprinkler system for us. Scott & his team were very responsive both with the estimate process and with coming out and getting the work done. They went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and provided high quality, professional service. Very respectful of both our time and our home. We are super happy with the system they installed for us and would highly recommend them!

Craig Hollis
May 6, 2024

Very happy. We dealt with Zac. He made his self available for all our questions and concerns. Very professional and went above and beyond to make us a happy customer. Would definatly recommend to anyone looking to get a sprinkler system.

Barry Greenfield
April 17, 2024

Since we moved to Westlake we have used Irrigation Systems . We are very happy and plan to use anyone else. Zak was awesome. The office is super nice. Many thanks.

Michael Elkevizth
February 15, 2024

My irrigation shut off valve was too difficult to turn on and shut off. Scott & Zak came out and replaced the current 3/4” CPVC ball valve and piping with copper pipe and brass ball valve for irrigation system supply line up to the inlet of the existing Backflow preventer. They tested and drain system upon completion. They did a professional and excellent job. Scott and Zak are very knowledgeable and experienced in handling irrigation issues. We are very pleased and satisfied with the quality of their work. I highly recommend them for irrigation services.

Matt Jurcak
October 31, 2023

Came on time. Nice guys. Thanks!

Kimberly Gebura
September 20, 2023

We have had Scott & his crew here for a couple of jobs. A few years ago they put in a sprinkler system for us that has saved our yard. Recently, we had an issue with the old drainage system that was in our back yard & they came out & figured out where the pipes were going, moved a drain & re-routed some of the pipes so the system would work better. As always, the whole crew was extremely polite, professional & so hard working! Highly recommend them!

Nick Leone
September 18, 2023

I hired Irrigation Inc to install a sprinkler system in my whole yard last year. They did a great job. Everyone was very professional and were on time. They got the job in a timely manner and are always very responsive with any questions I may have. Highly recommended!

Outdoors Guy
July 10, 2023

Good work ethics, knowledgable staff.

Mariann Butch
June 28, 2023

I cannot say enough good about this company. We used them to start our system and do backflow testing. They came when we were leaving for vacation for three weeks and on startup they found we had cut a sprinkler line. Here's the thing, because of scheduling they had to leave but promised to come back. I thought sure.... They came back AFTER THEY WOULD NORMALLY BE DONE FOR THE DAY, found the puncture point had it fixed in no time - all the while reassuring a panicked homeowner! Kind, honest, knowledgeable and fair on pricing. On top of it all, my sprinklers do a better job hitting all of the spots than they ever have!

Chuck Earls
June 15, 2023

I rented a 26ft UHaul for 13 days to take a load of fishing kayaks to Tennessee for the Kayak Fishing World Championship. From start to finish the customer service I received was top notch. They sent me with one of the newest trucks in their fleet and ensured that my trip was successful. After my return the final transaction was smooth and enjoyable. The gentleman at the front desk was extremely pleasant and had a smile and outlook that spread like a wildfire. Thank you guys for making this trip easy and pleasant. You guys helped me support anglers from all over the world. You’re the best!! See you next time 🎣🇺🇸

Meigan Ward
May 23, 2023

We have used Irrigation Inc for 6 years. They installed our sprinkler system when we built and they perform the maintenance on it each spring and fall. They also do our backflow testing. They go above and beyond with their service- repairing anything that might need it and explaining what they are doing. I highly recommend them!!

Susan Shepard
May 22, 2023

Technician Zak has serviced our system several times. He makes all parts run correctly. He addresses all our concerns and gives us options to solving the problems. He notes where these problem areas are, if the chosen solution does not work. He will be equipped to handle them when he comes back. Because of employees like Zak, we have been most satisfied with Irrigation Inc.

JoAnn Kenyon
May 13, 2023

Hands down - amazing service! They installed my irrigation system and I am beyond pleased. They took the time to go over every aspect of the process and answered all my questions. The attention to detail and level of professionalism from every member of the team was spot on.

Joe Coffey
May 13, 2023

Zak, with Irrigation Inc. came out today to turn our system on and did an outstanding job. Irrigation Inc. are always thorough, on time, and will spend the time with you to make adjustments/tweaks. They are a great company to work with!

Mark Nickels
May 10, 2023

Zak showed up on time. Then checked out the entire system. He made adjustments where needed. Couldn’t be happier with the company.

Eileen Pozda
May 10, 2023

Backflow work

Joel Hines
April 18, 2021
Julie Wichman
August 12, 2020

Thank goodness for Irrigation Incorporated! I thought my only choice was Quality Sprinkler, which is a horrible company to work with. Scott was great! He was very knowledgeable and straightforward. Extremely fair on price. He stayed until the job was done and done right. He didn't complain or say that it would be difficult or find excuses not to help me like Quality Sprinkler did. EXCELLENT COMPANY TO WORK WITH!!

Valarie Pisarcik
June 19, 2020

Scott installed our irrigation system last fall. His estimate was the lowest cost, but he provided very high quality materials and expertise. This summer he came back (on short notice) to move a few sprinkler heads and extend our drip lines after our patio was poured. He is efficient, cleans up after the job, and it’s almost as if they were never even here! He is friendly and very nice to work with. I highly recommend Irrigation Inc. to anyone interested in installing a new sprinkler system or for yearly maintenance.

Megan Donato
December 5, 2018

We just wanted to send a note of thanks! We could not be happier with the way the backyard drainage issue has been resolved. We know it was not the easiest of projects, but you followed through on it!!! It has been dry since the install, and now we can actually walk in our backyard!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!!

Daniel Allen
August 26, 2018

Recently we had a 12 zone sprinkler system installed. I was apprehensive at first given my past experiences with contractors. Scott and his crew showed up when they said they would and worked in a professional manner treating my yard as if it was their own. The system was installed the way I wanted it and they paid attention to every detail. Two weeks after the installation you can hardly tell any work was done, 12 zones !! I also want to mention that when I'd call I would get a person or a call back in a short time, I'm really not used to that, usually with other contractors you're lucky if they ever call you back at all. Irrigation Inc's prices were very fair and their work ethic and communication are worth every penny. I wish I could give them 6 stars.

Mark Kowaleski
July 11, 2018

Perfect service. Scott (owner) is awesome to work with and such a straight-up guy. You cannot go wrong with these folks, from scheduling to service to getting advice. A model business.

Homer Lemon
December 20, 2017

They put in my sprinkler system, friendly, thorough and they were great with my dog, o yah and the system works awesome

Barry Reik
December 20, 2017

Great guy awesome service. Good experience all the way around

Marcus Mcqueen
September 14, 2016

A friend recommended Irrigation Inc. after having a system installed himself, so I thought I'd give them a try. I'm glad I did because Scott and his crew were great. They had the whole thing done in no time and I could hardly tell that they even dug in the yard. He even had a couple of my curious neighbors hire him to install systems in there yards. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.


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