What is low voltage landscape lighting?


Low voltage lighting is becoming more popular everyday for many reasons. First the obvious, it’s a great way to add safety to your home! Also, it helps you enjoy your landscaping and outdoor living areas at night. However, there are other great reasons as to why you should choose low voltage lighting (24 volts or less) over high voltage lighting.

1. Cost
The first reason you should choose low voltage is because installation is usually much cheaper compared to high voltage systems. The low volt wires do not need to be buried as deep as 120 volt systems, nor do they need to be buried in conduits or pipes which also keeps the cost down.

2. Safety
Next, a properly designed low volt lighting system should be designed with roughly 11-12 volts running to each fixture. This means that the system is completely safe for children or pets running around the yard. This also makes routine yard maintenance more safe when planting or edging flowerbeds.

3. Flexibility
Another advantage of low voltage systems is their flexibility. Many fixtures can be run at the same time and often be installed in creative locations to accent features in the landscape or patio space. Consider the winding path that leads to the back yard or the beautiful specimen tree near the water feature next to the patio, these are areas that you might want to show off during an evening party or get together.

4. Efficiency 
Lastly, most of the newer systems are utilizing L.E.D. bulbs and fixtures. The typical life span of an L.E.D. bulb is usually around 40,000 hours. Also, L.E.D. bulbs produce less wattage than conventional incandescent bulbs. This means they are now even cheaper to operate and maintain on a yearly basis.


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