Sprinkler system spray heads overview

An irrigation system typically has two types of heads that cover turf and landscape areas: rotary and spray. Spray heads are generally used in smaller or irregularly shaped turf and landscaped areas. The two primary brand names we install are Hunter and RainBird. They both make several lines of spray bodies and spray nozzles. Here is a little info on our favorites:

Hunter Pro Spray and RainBird 1800:

  • Comes in 4″, 6″ and 12″ pop up heights
  • 1/2″ threaded bottom inlet on all sizes
  • Two piece ratcheting stem for easy adjustment
  • Compatible with all standard industry female threaded nozzles including rotary nozzles, fixed pattern and adjustable pattern spray nozzles
  • Spray distances up to 18′ depending on pressure and volume

Hunter Pro Spray PRS and Rainbird 1800 PRS/SAM:

The PRS/SAM version has all of the same great features of the Pro Spray AND 1800, except it also has a built in water pressure regulator and/or check valve. The regulator allows for precise water delivery and can minimize wasted water up to 30%. The check valve eliminates low head run off when the zone shuts down.

Spray Body Nozzles:
The nozzle is the part of the head that water sprays out of. There are many types of nozzles that are interchangeable with the spray body. The nozzle is a separate piece that threads onto the body and comes in many configurations. Nozzles have drastically improved in the recent past and there are many types available.

  • Fixed pattern nozzles commonly come in fixed spray patterns and spray distances. Some common patterns are 1/4 circle, 1/2 circle, full circle and rectangular. These patterns also vary in the distance that they spray ranging from 4′-18′.
  • Adjustable nozzles are similar to fixed nozzles, except the spray pattern is adjustable from 0-360 degrees to accommodate irregularly shaped areas. They also vary in the distance they spray.
  • Rotary nozzles are fairly new to the market and achieve great water conserving results. Rather than a steady “spray” of water, rotary nozzles deliver multiple streams of water that rotate in a slow circular pattern. This allows for even distribution and a gentle slow soak that minimizes run off and waste.

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