How much does it cost to maintain a sprinkler system?

It is very important to properly maintain your lawn sprinkler system. Fortunately, maintaining a sprinkler system is fairly simple. Aside from unexpected repairs or add-ons, there are only a few steps involved in maintaining your system.  Typically, there are three steps every year: Turning on your system in the spring, performing a back flow test and winterizing your sprinkler system in the fall.

Spring Turn On – $75.00*
Back Flow Test – $40.00*
Winterization – $60.00*
Total – $175.00*

*Based on Irrigation Inc. pricing for an average residential lawn sprinkler system in 2016.

Spring Turn On
This is also referred to as a “start up” or “tune up.” Most of our residential spring turn ons cost around $75.00. During a turn on, a trained technician comes to your home to identify the main components of the system and completes an evaluation/checkup. This procedure includes cleaning sprinkler heads thoroughly, making adjustments, setting the controller and recommending repairs, changes and upgrades.

Back Flow Testing
The back flow assembly is a check valve that insures that dirty water cannot travel backwards to get into your main drinking water supply. It is necessary to perform an annual test and submit the results to your local city, township or water purveyor. This cost can vary slightly based on individual circumstances, but the average cost to have Irrigation Incorporated perform this test and submit the results to the proper authorities is $40.00. 

How to save a few bucks: Tie this service in with another, such as a spring turn on, so your irrigation professional doesn’t have to make a separate trip to your home.

Any irrigation system that is in a cold weather climate must be winterized to avoid costly damage and unnecessary wear and tear. Connecting compressed air to the system and forcing out all of the water is the best way to perform this. On average, most residential homes can be winterized for around $60.00. If you have a larger residential system or a commercial property, special pricing may apply.

On average, it costs about $175.00 per year to maintain a residential lawn/landscape sprinkler system. If you are a DIY type of person and you don’t mind getting a little dirty, you can perform some of these services on your own. Be sure to call Irrigation Incorporated first, and we will be happy to guide you through the process to ensure that nothing is overlooked!

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