Benefits of owning an automatic sprinkler system

Are there benefits to installing a sprinkler system for my lawn and landscape? YES! 

​If you enjoy a great looking lawn and beautiful landscaping surrounding your home, you know the value in keeping it properly irrigated. Having a professionally designed sprinkler system installed is one of the best choices you can make to protect the investment you’ve made in your lawn and landscape.

Here are a few reasons why you will love owning an automatic sprinkler system:

Time Savings
Your system does all the watering for you. If you’ve ever had to drag those long heavy garden hoses around the yard, you know how time consuming it can be. It’s a full time job! First, you have to drag the hoses out of the garage or shed and stretch them out all over the place. Then if you leave the sprinkler in one spot for too long, you end up overwatering. In other words, you’re constantly monitoring and watching to make sure everything gets covered properly.

Water Savings
An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand. A qualified designer knows what to look out for when it comes to water requirements. This consists of knowing how to layout zones properly and using proper heads or types of watering in specific situations. There are many innovative and new types of sprinkler heads that are designed to save water. Also, if a rain sensor is implemented properly, it can be useful in saving water as well.

Money Savings
Your water bills will decrease and your plants will live longer if your system is designed and installed properly. The controller can be programmed to water individual areas of your landscape and turf areas separately and on different schedules if necessary.

Irrigation Incorporated is your assurance of quality, value and performance. Let us install and maintain your irrigation system for you, so you have more time for the other important things in life!

​If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system, you’re missing out. If you already own a system, chances are you’ll never be without one again! Call (440)935-1182 or email [email protected] to schedule a free estimate.

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